Individually scalable solutions for a self-determined life

Safety defines quality of life

About 5.5 million people over 65 years in Germany live on their own. And this number is growing even more because of the demographic change. For these people mobility, security and a

self-determined life are of great importance in the privacy of one‘s home and outside of it. These factors mostly define the quality of life. At the same time, social change leads to profound changes. Family structures and individual occupational requirements are in a state of upheaval, only rarely do all generations of a family live in the same place.

Between worry and overprotection

More than half of the relatives of age 35 to 55-year-olds are concerned that they might not be able to meet the self-imposed requirements of taking care of the older generation. At the same time, they fear that their relatives might feel bothered or controlled and curtailed in their independent way of living by daily calls for example.

Different life phases – Different needs

Everyone knows: Different phases of life are associated with different needs. The need for security increases with age, especially when living alone – combined with the concern: who is going to help me if anything happens? At the same time people do not want to be a burden to their family. On the other hand, many elderly people sometimes find it difficult to admit that physical afflictions and chronic illnesses limit their own abilities for self-sufficiency and mobility.

Intelligent solutions are in demand

In order to solve these classic target conflicts, low-threshold, intelligent solutions which offer single-living elderly people a maximum of security combined with a high degree of individual freedom and comfort are required, while giving their relatives the feeling that the loved ones are optimally cared for according to their respective life stages. Classical house alarm systems do not solve these problems.

HELIA® care and emergency systems contribute to the solution of the target conflicts and consistently follow the care concept. They offer individually scalable and customizable solutions for a self-determined life based on the most advanced sensor technology.

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