HELIA® Assistance systems

HELIA® Assistance systems support people, who live on their own and their relatives, every day and impart safety and a good sense for all involved persons.

HELIA® Privacy

The HELIA® care and emergency call system meets the highest security requirements when it comes to data protection.
Because: All personal relevant data remains within the privacy of one ‘s home.
Only standardized messages, which the system generates, leave your home.

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Dispenser HELIA® Dispenser

Every 60-year-old takes up to five medications on average daily – many even more. In Germany each year 30,000 people die from the consequences of medication that is not properly consumed. Experts also estimate that about 250,000 clinic admissions are attributable to faulty drug consumption every year. With the HELIA® Dispenser, patients and relatives can ensure that the prescribed medications are consumed on time. If no compulsory medication is consumed within a defined time frame, a sensor first triggers an acoustic reminder function and a notification afterwards if the medication has not yet been consumed. Relatives or even the nursing staff receive this as a push message on the HELIA® app of their smartphone.

HELIA Lebenszeichen HELIA® Vital signs

Another module of the HELIA® support and emergency call system is HELIA® Vital Signs. Whoever is in motion is generally well and lively: through the use of a motion sensor, which is placed on the bathroom or refrigerator door for example, HELIA® can be extended to a passive emergency call system. If the sensor does not move within a defined time frame, the contact person is notified. This might be relatives. Or even the nursing service. You will receive an SMS or a push message on your HELIA® app about the absence of Vital Signs. Such situations often turn out to be harmless after a telephone call and are caused by a deviation in the everyday habits of the user.

HELIA Notruf HELIA® Emergency call

HELIA® emergency call private offers an active emergency call. It is triggered by a wall switch, for example in the bathroom, brooch or armband by the HELIA® user. The alarm transmission again is sent to the HELIA® app as an SMS or push message. Relatives thus have the opportunity to react immediately by a call – and the soothing feeling to do everything for the safety of their loved ones.

HELIA Notruf HELIA® Emergency call 24h

HELIA® Notruf 24h coming soon
Family members do not always have time and opportunities to take immediate care in case of emergency, for example because of being on vacation. In this case, forwarding the emergency call and other HELIA® signals to a professional and ISO-certified care centre offers the soothing alternative and the perfect care package. Available 24 hours a day and all year round, friendly, professional medical assistants take the emergency call. A doctor is available for medical questions for example, in case of forgotten medication. The Care Centre contains all the relevant data for a corresponding escalation scheme. These include chronic diseases, like insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, as well as medications to be taken daily. And, of course, the Care Centre has all relevant contact information: Relatives, neighbours, nursing service, family doctor, pharmacy, local rescue service. They are regularly updated by means of a call, which also checks the technology. And even in the case of minor emergency situations, such as the incoming door with the key inserted internally, the Care Centre quickly finds a solution for the HELIA® user. An outdoor module is being developed for all emergency call modules of the HELIA® care and emergency call system.

HELIA Alarm HELIA® Alert

HELIA® Alert reports any motion. You get an alert notification, if grandmother or anyone else who lives on their own, uses the oven or enters a room that should not be entered. HELIA® Alert could also be used as anti-theft, e.g. for bikes or other object.

HELIA Mobile

HELIA® Emergency Call Mobile is an active emergency call for on the move. It is a one-click emergency call, worn as key ring or bracelet. The own smartphone stays in the bag and it will work also in standby mode. Alarm transmissions are made via push notification to the relatives HELIA® App, worldwide. This could be father, mother, both or friends or rather more than one friend. Relatives have the opportunity to recall immediately – also they get the GPS coordinates mapped and gives them the peace of mind having done everything for the safety for the loved ones.


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